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Sammy Coffey’s Wholesale Nursery and has over 750 acres of number one quality B&B material. We would like for you to send us any bids you have and give us the chance to price them. We’ll get them back to you with a quick turnaround. We are very competitive with pricing so if we are off on any prices we encourage you to call us and discuss it. We would appreciate it if you could keep us in mind for any jobs you may have or any material you may need. We are thrilled and excited to continue to serve our customers and look forward to the new ones we may acquire. We would like to thank the long time customers for their support.

Along with our B & B Material, we also offer plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas and other similar plants native to the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains. The quality is what could be expected from a well-financed conscientious and experienced organization interested only in producing the very best. Our Nursery Grown Stocks are the finest we have to offer. The collected stocks are carefully selected and can be relied upon as the finest available.

We take particular pride in the quality of our Nursery Grown Stock. In planting Nursery Grown, you run very little risk of unsuccessful growth since the root system is well established in the nursery. The result is that plants are rich in color and healthy from the start. We recommend whenever possible that Nursery Grown Stock be used.

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